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Latest News
Happy Newyear!
So we're going into year 2007 tonight. I hope you all have enjoyed year 2006.
I'm going to visit Aaparken (Aarhus).
If you have buyed fireworks, be carefully and keep all your fingers and eyes where it's supposed to be.

By: Karsten Hedemann Nielsen
Date: 31/12-06 12:34:46

No changes in a long time
The slack on the news has been big.
I'm just writing, so you know I'm still breathing.

By: Karsten Hedemann Nielsen
Date: 10/8-06 13:04:44

No support during the next few days
I'm going to London in England monday morning. Therefore there will not be any support/contact until friday (I'm comming home to Denmark late thursday afternoon).

I will try to check my mail during the days in London, but I can't promise that I will answer you!

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 28/3-04 14:56:09

Web statistics - upgrade
We are ready with new web statistics for all websites on the server.

If we are hosting YOUR domain, then you can see the statistics on awstats.'domain'.dk - to see the page you need to login first!

If you have any questions to the web statics please notice us.

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 25/3-04 18:29:09

New function in news
Now it's possible to write a news with breaks in.

It will make the 'br' when there is a newline.

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 24/3-04 22:47:36

Online with new design
We are now glad to pronounce our new design for the news ready!

It is still running first public version, so bugs may still appear.

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 24/3-04 21:38:44

New design on news
Now I've made the new design for news.. And blah blah... This is just a test news.. teeest.... test.. *blah* *humm*..

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 24/3-04 11:33:52

Valentines Day tomorrow

It's Valentines Day again this year, and there's only one day left to find out what you should do this day (if you aren't stuck in front of your computer with some "important" work ;))

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 13/2-04 10:50:04

Good night for today

It's late, and I think it would be good to get some sleep now - I also have a birthday tomorrow actually :) UPDATE: It's not my birthday, it's my mom's :)

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 11/2-04 04:34:20

42Unit website up! has not been in use for a longer periode, but has now seen the light. The website is still under construction, but the "news" ans "search" function are working probably right now! There may be some small bugs, and you are very welcome to mail if you find anything that seems to bee working another way then it should.

By: Karsten Hedemann
Date: 11/2-04 04:27:17


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