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No support during the next few days

I'm going to London in England monday morning. Therefore there will not be any support/contact until friday (I'm comming home to Denmark late thursday afternoon).

I will try to check my mail during the days in London, but I can't promise that I will answer you!

Karsten Hedemann - 28/3-04 14:56:09

In London I'm going to visit HP and hear something about them and their product and so on.

There also might be time for a beer or two on a British Pub :)

Have a nice week in Denmark.


Karsten Hedemann (29/3-04 07:07:53)

It's 0710 in the morning and I'm preparing to drive to the airport in 40 minutes.
That's all, I just had some short time to spend at my desk :) Oh well, I'm off for 5 minutes of reading news and then to UK :)
Karsten Hedemann (12/4-04 04:44:51)

I hope you all had a nice Easter :)

My holiday ends here, monday is booked up with lots of work, unfortunately.
Hede (16/3-06 14:59:19)

Kig lige på
pznfsqcmd (28/12-09 02:03:40)

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