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42Unit website up! has not been in use for a longer periode, but has now seen the light. The website is still under construction, but the "news" ans "search" function are working probably right now! There may be some small bugs, and you are very welcome to mail if you find anything that seems to bee working another way then it should.

Karsten Hedemann - 11/2-04 04:27:17

On this website I will try to build up as many things as possible. First of all it will be a portal to many services and help to persons.

With the time there should be possibility to use the statistics, services ans Linux / Unix.
Those are the main things I will work on (read: those services will first of all be to those people which are getting something hosted by be (website, mail adress etc.)).

You can mail me at any time or write in here (I will check as often as I can) about your questions.

Have a nice day, Karsten


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